“Mamma Sirena”, the new album of Officina ZOE’

Sirens, fishermen, sailors, explorers and dreamers recall Mare Nostrum in a concept album about the sea. New Ambient-lyrics and Pizzicas in the way of  trance-music, for the eighth album of Officina ZOÈ.


Mamma Sirena is the eighth album of ”Officina Zoè”, one of the best-loved and historical popular music ensemble of Salento, south of Apulia, Italy, active since the early 90s. Sirens, fishermen, sailors, explorers and dreamers evoke the Mediterranean sea with songs and pizziche of trance-music in a concept album about the sea, to discover a central element of the culture and life of Salento, a place of meetings, inclusiveness and exchanges between different cultures. The work is the result of a long and careful research of traditional texts and a fine collage of fragments drawn from various sources, realized by the voice of the group Cinzia Marzo. The style is unmistakable of Zoè, with the tradition fell in the present, inside the influences that over time have enriched the culture of Salento, but never losing the direction and the strong relationship with the land. On the cover there is the fish “uroboro”: it is the “Missale Gelonese” of 8th century, while the book contains, in addition to the texts of the songs, even some dialogue of the sirens taken from the novel of Maria Corti “Il canto delle sirene(Bompiani, 1989) and illustrations of Medieval sirens. Officina Zoe was born in ’93 and is now one of the driving forces behind the revival movement of Salento which has brought to the international forefront the traditional music. The first album, TERRA, self-produced in 1997 and reissued in 2005 by the label Anima Mundi, has become a model followed by many younger groups. The success is also due to close collaboration with director Edoardo Winspeare Salento, in whose films the musicians appear as actors and authors of soundtracks: Pizzicata (1996), Sangue vivo (2000) and Il miracolo (2003). The ensemble has released eight albums and has participated in important festivals such as Womex (Germany), Sounds of the Dolomites (Italy), Voix des Femmes (Belgium), Festival dei Popoli (Italy), and held several tour in the US, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Argentina, Australia, Aegypt, France, etc.

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